In 2017-2018, I conducted the first “collective consciousness maps” wherein ~100 participants each time would report hourly on their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level of thriving for multiple days.
The experiments were conducted at Arcosanti at 2 Festivals (FORM and Convergence). In the experiment, I texted ~100 participants hourly and graphed the feedback and their location in real time on a map of the event. The result was a kind of “heat map” of collective consciousness health across these 4 dimensions. 
We were easily able to see where many people were having spiritual epiphanies (for ex), or struggling emotionally, and correlate that to the programming in the Festival at that time. As a next iteration, we made the graph real-time, so that participants could see the collective consciousness field of the group in 8 locations (and let this information inform their decision). There are very few attempts to measure “consciousness”, and this has worked extremely well. 

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