I started releasing immersive music in 2020. "Immersive" means it's mixed so you are "inside" a sonic environment. Immersive audio is the future.
I love to play deep in nature, fully off grid. This is used to connect us back to our wild and super-consciousness nature. Check out music below and the Deep Play project for more.
Listen: Deep Play Vol 1.
This is my first full length album... and immersive listening experience release! It was done in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Eric Archer.  The album features 5 music journeys, with lush drone and synth immersive sound environments with Eric's playing of bansuri, charango, and guitar.
Since most music platforms don't let you stream immersive audio, you can listen to the stereo mix online, and contact me for the immersive files (and playback tips!). Click the album art to hear it in stereo.

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